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how to check varnish cache is enabled on Magento 2

here is 3 way to check the varnish cache is enable or not. Check varnish cache is enabled by website this website helps you to check it just put your website URL and push the check botton check varnish cache is enable by header open your bash or terminal and run belove command: As

change default ui component filter search in magento

here is a good code to change the default ui component filter that i wanna shear it with you. you can change it as you wish. put it in collection class.

How do I make Git ignore file mode (chmod) changes?

it;s too easy just use below command after this the git will ignore file mode changes.

An exception was raised while creating “Request”; no instance returned in Magento 2

I get error An exception was raised while creating “Request”; no instance returned when I want to use the di compile command, that I test another command and I saw I have the error for all commands. How we can fix An exception was raised while creating “Request”; no instance returned I know it’s because

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function xdebug_disable() in Magento 2

How we can fix Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function xdebug_disable() error? it can be happen when you want to install xdebug. you can simple remove xdebug and all thing worked perfectly or not you can change Magento core code. find vendor/magento/magento2-functional-testing-framework/src/Magento/FunctionalTestingFramework/_bootstrap.php file and, find below codes Now, you can change the code

Magento 2 remove the version number from url

It’s a good Magento feature that sometimes disturbed Magento developers. If you get a 404 error or cache clean does not work, etc. I want to show you all way that we can remove the version number from Magento URL. remove Magento version number by PHPMyAdmin open the phpmyadmin and select you Magento database. find

Linux change server time zone

Sometime we need to change server time zone to our current time zone,so let to do it At first, we need to find the current time-zone. We can take it by below command. or we can use this the result should be something like this. The next question is how we can find a timezone

Magento 2 update shipping rate at checkout

I want to show you how we can add an extra amount to all shipping method price. My task was added an extra amount to shipping methods for someday. My customer wants to create a new module over the Amasty delivery date to add an amount for some special dates like mother day or valentine

upgrade composer to version 2

In this post, I want to show you how you can upgrade the composer to the newest version (at this time, composer version 2 is the newest.). 1: we can remove the composer and install it again. If you are using Ubuntu 20 composer version 2 will install for remove (full remove) you can use

Working with CSS at Magento 2

It’s too easy is the first thing when a Magento developer speaks about CSS, but sometimes it got trouble for example my last challenge was to remove a CSS because it was at the core of the Amasty module, and I could not change or override it. after a simple search, I found a way