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how to check varnish cache is enabled on Magento 2

here is 3 way to check the varnish cache is enable or not.

Check varnish cache is enabled by website

this website helps you to check it just put your website URL and push the check botton

check varnish cache is enable by header

open your bash or terminal and run belove command:

curl -I -v --location-trusted ''

As you know you should change ‘’ to your shop or website URL.

check your response to find something like this:

X-Magento-Cache-Control: max-age=86400, public, s-maxage=86400
Age: 0
X-Magento-Cache-Debug: MISS

check varnish cacke is enable by Magento directory

I know it’s a little wire but this way is the trustest way to check enabling varnish.

The Magento always creates ‘var/page_cache/’ files but, when we use varnish cache the page cache will be empty. let’s do it step by step:

1: remove ‘var/page_cache/’ by this command

rm -rf 'mg_root/var/page_cache/*'

‘mg_root’ is your Magento root directory.

rm -rf is a danger command. please be careful when you are using this command

2: restart your varnish cache service by this command:

service varnish restart

3: check the page cache for finding subdirectory by this command:

la -lah var/page_cache/*

if it was empty then your varnish cache is enabled.

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